Video Games

Things that no gamer would admit

Ideological games are a form of entertainment that allows us to relax and forget about work problems, the whining of spouses and the need to pay for mobile phone bills.

They allow us to immerse ourselves in fictional worlds where we are free to do things we would never be able to do in reality. When we are alone in our gaming chairs, cut off from the whole world, it’s very easy to start doing the wrong things.

Sometimes video games awaken our worst traits. Someone, for example, uses cheats in Counter-Strike and still loses. It’s very hard to admit that, but everyone has such shameful moments related to video games. There’s nothing wrong with that – let’s discuss all the things that we gamers are ashamed to admit.

There will be no judgmental tone here – you just can’t keep silent about such things.

The use of hides and passages

The Internet is a wonderful thing. It has greatly contributed to the consolidation of the gaming community, but completely devalued the passage of games.

Now that you are stuck on some level, boss or puzzle, you no longer need to stop the game and admit defeat. Nowadays, all you need to do is hammer in the search engine the part of the game that is causing problems, and you will immediately face hundreds of passages in the form of text or even video that will help you to move forward.

Each of us has turned to online guides more than once. On the one hand, that’s good, because now if you’re stuck somewhere, it doesn’t mean that the game is over. However, it is sad that to pass a difficult game is no longer difficult for anyone, and therefore it is perceived with less respect.

Sudden tears

Every day somewhere in the world someone is dumped by a guy or girl, someone is fired from work, and someone dies of hunger or thirst. And we sit at home, in comfort and warmth, drinking gulls and crying over sad scenes in video games.

It happens because of the death of our favourite characters (Lee in The Walking Dead, Iris in Final Fantasy VII, John Marston in Red Dead Redemption) or just some touching scene (the end of Okami!), and at times like that we can’t hold back our tears. And when games give us that kind of reaction, we always blame it on the shit in our eye. But is it so bad to cry about the game?

Yes, the lives of characters who are just a bunch of pixels on the screen aren’t that valuable, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get attached to them. The very fact that games can cause that kind of emotional impact is proof that video games are an art.

Using bugs and glitches

In games very often there are bugs, glitches and other problems that sometimes cause laughter, but more often – irritation. When we suddenly find a glitch with which to clean, we are sure to use it.

One of the most revealing and memorable examples of this was at the climax of Gears Of War in 2006, where ALL took advantage of the bug to defeat General RAAM’s Lokust Leader at the highest difficulty. This final could have been grand if we had won deservedly and on our own, rather than through a loophole in the game code. But Achievements are more important than efforts, aren’t they?


If EA’s success says anything, then only that microtransactions and pay-win techniques are very attractive to all gamers to some extent. It’s very embarrassing to admit that, but each of us at least once invested hard-earned money in boots and improvements for our online gaming avatars to gain an advantage over other players.

EA likes to create an imbalance in their online games, giving gamers the opportunity to literally buy a win. Take, for example, one of the multiplayer modes in Mass Effect 3, where you had to fight off waves of enemies.

And there were a lot of people who did that. This set can be paid with in-game currency, but of course it is much faster, easier and more effective to do it with real money and get instant access to the strongest weapons and the rarest classes in the game. Nobody wanted to be the guy with some creepy constantly missed gun, when everyone else has giant rifles.

Easy way

We all play games to win, but sometimes it is more worthy not to choose the best character, weapons, armor or car that could easily bring us a win. To demonstrate your skills, you need to choose something that challenges the player. But sometimes and it’s hard to talk about it out in the open we prefer to take the easy way.

Furious exit

You only need three points to get a new rank. You are sure that the nobody playing against you, will not have time to do anything in the remaining time (which is very little).

Suddenly, it attacks from the opposite end of the field and scores the ball in the top corner of your goal. Blood boils in your veins, and you instantly press the power button on your PlayStation and hardly resist the desire to throw it out the window. Each of us has more than one such sudden, fierce care. No matter what game you win, if you lose an important match, it will surely piss you off.

We invest so much time in video games that winning an opponent especially if we consider him dishonest forces us to leave the game immediately. We will still launch the game again, even if we have sworn before that we would never touch the console or the computer again.