General Horse Riding and Competitions

Why should I put on a bodyguard?

Body protectors are foam-loaded vests that lower the influence on the back and also chest ought to you fall off a horse, or get kicked or trodden on by a steed. Although putting on one will not avoid injury, it can substantially support an effect as well as lower its seriousness. They can be worn over apparel and also under a jacket, and also nowadays tend to be versatile and also light-weight. They are necessary for some competitions, but are increasingly seen for day-to-day riding, specifically for hacking and leaping.

There are 3 levels of body protector, set out by the BETA requirements to which all body protectors must stick, and are color-coded by label:

Degree 1 (Black label) – This provides the lowest degree of protection as well as is just proper for certified jockeys while auto racing.

Degree 2 (Brown label) – This uses a lower than the regular degree of protection and is therefore only taken into consideration as ideal for reduced risk scenarios. It is not appropriate for jumping or riding on roadways.

Level 3 (Purple tag) – This is considered ideal for basic equine riding and competitors.

You can also acquire additional shoulder security which decreases the threat of damaging your collarbone needs to you fall on your shoulder.

How should it be fitted?

An excellent fit is important for both convenience and also security. A bodyguard needs to fit securely as well over light clothes, and also must not move while riding. In time, it will mold itself to the cyclist’s body shape as well as come to be significantly comfy.

There are 4 dimensions called for to accomplish the appropriate fit: the breast, waist, waistline to midsection measurement over the shoulder, and the back size. The size can after that be picked on the breast as well as waistline measurements, and also the length on the back as well as over-the-shoulder size. If you want to learn more, please see here to find more tips and information.

When trying it on, the guard needs to cover the whole circumference of the upper body and get to a minimum of 2.5 centimeters listed below the chest without stopping bending right into a riding setting. There are numerous bolts to change the fit. If colored tabs are revealing when the fasteners are shut, the fit is not quite ideal, and also an additional dimension is called for.

Exactly how should I take care of my body protector?

Bodyguards must be transformed every 3 to four years to guarantee they’re still efficient as gradually the impact absorption homes of the foam may start to decrease. Need to you drop or obtain kicked, see to it you check everything over totally to guarantee it’s not damaged. The foam must broaden back to its shape within regarding thirty minutes. If it does not, the foam is damaged, and also the body protector ought to be changed. Some damages might be hidden, and also for this reason it is ill-advised to obtain a secondhand one that you do not understand the history of.

Care for your bodyguard by not leaving it to spend time getting trodden on or too warm or damp. When you’re not using it, hang it on a hanger with all fastenings near to ensure it keeps its shape.