Cyber sports in the world


In 2013, the cybersports discipline League of Legends was recognized as a real sport, and its participants – real athletes. This simplifies entry into the U.S. for players from other countries through a simplified visa system.


CIS Computer sport in Uzbekistan is officially recognized as a sport. As part of the recently completed Asian Games 2018 in Indonesia, a tournament in the discipline of eSports was held as a demonstration sport. The tournament was organized by the Asian Electronic Sports Federation (AESF), which includes federations of 45 Asian countries, including the Computer Sports Federation of Uzbekistan.

One of the largest cybersports organizations in Russia was the National Professional Cyber Sports League (NPKL), which was established in 2004 and was engaged in conducting competitions in cybersports among professional gamers.

NPKL for the first time in Russia used a show format for cybersports matches, established one professional cybersports club (already closed) and launched a regular championship organized on the principle of major sports leagues and associations. Currently, the league has ceased to exist.

However, it should be noted that eSports is an independent part of the gaming industry, so this list does not mean that the listed individuals are both influential in eSports. Besides, at the moment the list is outdated as it does not include.


In India’s remote cities, there is no internet or computers, but there is no problem with this in large cities. Counter-Strike 1.6 has been the dominant discipline for over a decade and Indian teams have regularly participated in the World Cyber Games Grand Final and Electronic Sports World Cup. Their debut on the world stage was WCG 2002 where the TUI team lost all their matches. The two most famous teams are ACID (WCG 2003, WCG 2004, WCG 2005) and Team ATE. The most famous players: “r4iD” and “RiTz” .


Due to proximity of Mexico to USA, most gamers use consoles rather than computers . But among gamers who use a computer, the most popular discipline is StarCraft II, which is supported by three organizations: Team Quetzal, Team Neo Forze and xGamers . The League of Legends discipline is their success; 4th place at WCG 2013


Team disciplines in Italy are weak, for example on WCG in Counter-Strike and Dota 2 disciplines Italian teams do not leave the group. But in individual disciplines they earned one medal at ESWC and ten at WCG . The StarCraft II discipline is popular in Italy and is dominated by three organizations: Old School Clan, InFerno eSports and Team Redbyte Italia .


The first football club in Spain, which created its own cyber sports team, was Valencia. This was told by the leadership of the Spanish club at a press conference. The club is going to open cybersports units in the following disciplines: Hearthstone, FIFA and Rocket League. Soon they will be joined by the League of Legends.


Cybersports competitions are held all over the world, including international competitions. The most significant and analogue of the Olympic Games was the international tournament World Cyber Games (WCG), which was held in various countries from 2000 to 2013. Besides WCG.

Cyberathlete Professional League and Electronic Sports League are regularly held. To date, the largest and most prestigious competitions are those held by the manufacturers of the games themselves: for example, the tournament The International for Dota 2 or the World Championship League of Legends .

Semi-professional online leagues

In addition to competition with prize money, there are a number of semi-professional leagues that organize competitions in the form of online cups and Ladders. The most famous and popular are ClanBase, ESL and others.

Requirements for competitions

In accordance with the order of the Ministry of Sports of Russia, the right and duty to develop rules for the sport and submit them for approval by the Ministry of Sports of Russia entrusted to the Federation of Computer Sports of Russia.

In addition to the protocol, which confirms the fact of the tournament, there must be a team of referees, which consists of the chief referee and game officials (if there are several), line judges, observers and technical referees. It is necessary to create regulations governing the activities of an athlete, coach and referee in the implementation of the process of sports training and competitions in distance mode .


The winner of the eSports competition is the player or team that achieved the best result in the final battle.


In eSports, no game may be used. For example, games that contain an element of chance that prevails over the skill factor in the game will not be suitable for competition. Thus, MOBA or RTS games often fall into the category of eSports disciplines.